• Image of Pioneer Tree Beard Oil

The birch is known as a ‘Pioneer Tree’ – meaning that it can restart the colonisation of woodlands after long term natural disasters.
Its soft green deciduous leaves have serrated edges and are held on thin branches which move and bow in the breeze. Its striking white, peeling bark gives it a faery-like beauty in all its seasons.
Pioneer Tree Beard Oil was hand-made using 100% organic, natural hand-picked local herbs and oils. Organic olive oil and coconut oil was infused with birch leaves; which are good for your skin and beard, strengthens and gives hair a shiny and soft touch, nettle; which energises, helps prevent dry skin and rosemary; which strengthens and conditions your beard.
Contains vitamin E oil which supports hair growth, prevents breakage and its antioxidants boost elasticity and shine and jojoba oil which balances and moisturises.
Pioneer Tree Beard Oil is scented with Frankincense, Tea Tree and Sandalwood bringing your wilderness spirit to life and readying you to weather all things.

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