• Image of Wyrdwood Hair Pomade
  • Image of Wyrdwood Hair Pomade

Wyrdwood hair pomade was hand-made using 100% organic, natural hand-picked local herbs and oils. Organic olive oil and coconut oil was infused with birch leaves; which are good for scalp, help prevent hair loss, give hair a shiny and soft touch, nettle; which energises scalp, helps prevent dandruff and rosemary; which strengthens scalp and helps prevent hair loss.
Contains vitamin E oil which supports hair growth, prevents breakage and pesky split ends and its antioxidants even boost hair's elasticity and shine and jojoba oil which balances the scalp and moisturises the hair.
Wyrdwood has been scented with Frankincense, Sandalwood, Summerwood and Oak Moss, and retains earthy, woody tones and mossy notes, to unlock the ancient forest within.

Do not purchase if you are likely to be allergic to any of these ingredients, suffer from skin allergies, or have particularly sensitive scalp and skin.

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